Managing AML is a comprehensive educational initiative for hematologists/oncologists, pathologists, oncology pharmacists, oncology nurses and associated multidisciplinary clinicians who treat patients with acute myeloid leukemia (AML) across the spectrum of practice settings and geographies. Through collaboration with expert faculty, Managing AML provides the most timely, clinically relevant information on:

  • The accurate diagnosis and prognostication of patients with AML, in accordance with the latest clinical recommendations and criteria
  • Current treatment paradigms in AML, including therapeutic strategies in older adults and high-risk patients
  • Current clinical trials in AML, including efficacy and safety data of investigational therapies for the diverse spectrum of AML patients

The Managing AML Mission Statement
The Managing AML Online Community is dedicated to developing activities and resources with the most practical and clinically relevant information concerning the diagnosis, assessment and treatment of patients with AML. The mission of Managing AML is to provide ongoing medical education that embodies evidence-based scientific data and facilitates the effective application of that data in clinical practice, with the ultimate goal of supporting improved treatment outcomes for all patients with AML.