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Applying Key Data Presented at EHA 2020 to Practice

Naval Daver, MD; and Courtney D. DiNardo, MD, MSCE

Managing AML: Staying on Track in a Rapidly Changing Treatment Landscape

Naval Daver, MD – Chair; Courtney D. DiNardo, MD, MSCE; Eunice S. Wang, MD

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AML thought leaders discuss challenges associated with treating your patients during the COVID-19 pandemic

AML: Incorporating the Latest Advances into Nursing Practice

Includes a patient's perspective in the Resources section below the chapter listing of the activity

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  • VIDEO FAQ: Venetoclax in Combination with Standard Intensive AML Induction/Consolidation Therapy with FLAG-IDA in Patients with Newly Diagnosed or Relapsed/Refractory AML - N. Daver, MD (6:03) - Posted 04/22
  • VIDEO FAQ: In this setting of the COVID-19 pandemic, will clinical trials continue to enroll patients? - D. Pollyea, MD (1:59) - Posted 04/08
  • VIDEO FAQ: What are the advantages and disadvantages of the different FLT3 inhibitors? - A. Perl, MD(1:57) - Posted 04/01
  • e-NEWSLETTER: Evolving Treatment Paradigms in AML: New Data and Clinical Trials That Could Change Clinical Practice - N. Daver, MD - Posted 02/17
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  • PODCAST: What are the most important prognostic factors to consider in AML? - P. Desai, MD (2:19) - Posted 12/05
  • VIDEO FAQ: How likely is it for patients with MDS to transform to AML? - J. Park, MD (3:33) - Posted 11/07
  • VIDEO FAQ: What are the practical issues in FLT3 testing as it relates to PCR vs. NGS? - A. Perl, MD (3:18) - Posted 10/10
  • VIDEO FAQ: What are the latest guidelines for molecular testing in AML? - J. Patel, MD (1:56) - Posted 07/24
  • Additional activities...

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