In this setting of the COVID-19 pandemic, will clinical trials continue to enroll patients?

Published on April 8, 2020 in Treatment

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Daniel A. Pollyea, MD
Clinical Director of Leukemia Services
Associate Professor of Medicine
Division of Hematology
University of Colorado
Denver, Colorado

I've recently been asked, “In this setting of the COVID-19 pandemic, will clinical trials continue to enroll patients during this time?” This is obviously a very fluid situation. There are a lot of challenges right now. I'm recording this the end of March 2020 and so things are changing by the day, by the hour, and certainly by the region. For the most part at my center and most other centers, new accruals to clinical trials are on hold and that includes AML and MDS patients. There are certainly, I'm sure, exceptions to this, but at our center that's the general approach and many of my colleagues around the country have told me the same thing.

Patients who are already enrolled in a clinical trial are continuing to have access to that clinical trial and are not being removed from active clinical trials, but new accruals to many clinical trials, if not most clinical trials, are on pause right now as all sort of research and clinical efforts are being devoted to fighting this this pandemic.

Hopefully this is a very temporary situation. We all value clinical trials and know how important those are and we are excited about the progress we've made recently with respect to advances in AML and are very, very excited to get back to it and continue the momentum that we have.

Last modified: April 7, 2020